For all purchases directly made through Health Pedal LLC, only Repairs or Replaces of defective parts within the warranty time period will be considered;  refunds on purchases made directly to Health Pedal LLC will not be considered. All customer purchases are final.

If your GOxCy 30 pedal wheelchair was purchased through a reseller (dealer), that particular reseller may have a customer return policy.  Please contact your seller for details on their return policy.

So please consider your purchase decision carefully beforepurchasing GOxCy 30 pedal wheelchair.

For Repairs or Replacements of parts please contact your local dealer that you purchased from. If you purchased directly from Health Pedal LLC, contact at or call 1-800-407-0718 to explain the situation of the defective part. Have your proof of purchase (date of purchase) and Serial Number when contacting your reseller or Health Pedal LLC, so that your order and warranty information can be correctly and quickly

NOTE:  Damaged parts due to shipping back to Health Pedal LLC will be at discretion of Health Pedal LLC to charge damage costs to the customer. Please make sure to securely pack any parts in need of corporate inspection in appropriate and sufficient packing materials in order to avoid damage during transport.