About the All New GOxCy 30

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GOxCy 30 combines easy smooth cycling with a safe seated position to offer you that extra motivation and ability to achieve your healthy living goals. Not a wheelchair nor an electric scooter, GOxCy 30 allows your legs to move you.

Since GOxCy 30 can be used inside or outside on level, solid, dry surfaces, you can take it outside for a “walk at the park”, shopping at the mall, cheering on family at the ballgame, or at your local YMCA indoor walking track. Our new revolutionary Stationary Cycling Mode feature allows you to turn your cycle into a Home Fitness Gym to get your daily 30 minutes of healthy activity anytime, anywhere…no more excuses, even on rainy days!


How to Order?

Order today by emailing us at [email protected] or by picking up the phone and calling us at 800-407-0718

Also, you may visit RehabMart at the link below. They’re a HealthPedal dealer that offers excellent support!


Customer Testimonial

  • WOW... I am floored. This is phenomenal and SUCH a game changer in freedom and mobility.

    Reaction to GOxCy 30
  • And this pedal chair has been needed for a long time.  This pedal chair is a God send for so, so many.

    Reaction to GOxCy 30
  • The GREATEST thing about this chair is it's not limited to just stroke survivors...This can be a life changer in rehabilitation, mobility and FREEDOM for many other conditions and special needs as well!!!

    Reaction to GOxCy 30
  • THANK YOU for believing and assisting ALL in this fight for mobility and freedom!!!

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Product Features

Folds Fast

Folds to only 12″ wide in about 15 seconds. No tools required!

Fits in Cars


Put GoxCy 30 in your car trunk to go out and about.  Get more “Go” in your day with GOxCy 30.

Stores Easily


GOxCy 30 folds down so small, and in 2 easily portable pieces, that storing it when needed can be done in a flash!

Stationary Cycling Anytime


Even on rainy days you can still get 30 minutes of healthy exercise by using GOxCy 30 as your personal home fitness bike and cycle in place.

Take a Break


We all get tired, so GOxCy 30 allows you to rest while a companion pushes you. Go from Super Cycle to Resting in Style in a matter of seconds!

Go Outside


With no-flat rear tires and puncture-resistant air front tires, GOxCy 30 is a super-blend of functional strength and comfort. On a nice day you can go outside with GOxCy 30. Designed for flat and dry surfaces, a nice sidewalk or walking track can be a fun healthy way to spend your day.

Gym Time

Since GOxCy 30 is designed for inside track and gym floor use, you can take it to your local fitness center for some seated cycling exercises and change up your fitness workout.

Fits You


You can choose between different lengths for your height and 2 styles of pedals to fit your needs.


Made in the U.S.A.

Weather Canopy

Bottle Holder

Back Rest Bag

Arm Rest Bag

Under Seat Bag

Folding Flag

Product Specifications

Unfolded Size: 29” W x 37” H x 45” - 48” L
Folded Size: 12” W x 27” H x 31” L
Frame Weight: 33 Lbs
Front Tires: 12"
Rear Tires: 8"
Max Weight Load Limit: 250 Lbs
Warranty 1 Year parts
6 Months wear parts
(tires, tubes, cables, cushions, and grips)

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